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Name: LedChess
Idea: damage 12-18 hp 48.
Crush (level): rare
Type: webby
Description (max 250 characters):is a chess pieces that glow and have arms and legs just like human
Design (optional):

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Idea:when he spawn in your computer he is slow but do not let that trick you he has 92 hp and does 10-20 damage
Crush (level):mythical
Type: Fan Fave :raised_hands:
Description: Papyrus wants to become a Royal Guard to gain fame and friends. He patrols and prepares many puzzles but he is still gives people a chance (papyrus by tobyfox x.com /idea:@the_doise)
Design: his overworld sprite/battle sprite and disbelief

Idea:from nowhere
Type:FanFave?idk,do it,Sweezy
Description:Born from a storage in a war.WildRoardiation was a normal barrel.Until there’s a bomb destroyed all other barrel,he feel lonely,angry.Now,he is on the way to revenge for his friends.

Hey Sweezy,you can change if you don’t like…But if you choose mine to be the new bro-mon
,please reply me

Name: Huggy Wuggy
Rarity: Legendary
Type: FanFav
Description: ???

Name: Slimy
Idea Jumps alot
Crush (level): Epic
Type: Wildlife
Description: Slimes are bouncy, cube-shaped hostile mobs that spawn deep underground in particular chunks, or in swamp biomes. They attack by jumping at their targets, come in three sizes and larger slimes can split into smaller ones on death.Design: a minecraft slime
and instead of running he hops away
and everytime you attack his animation makes him become more slimes
Catchphrase(optional) Slime that Steals the Show.

Name : Night Hunter
Type: Iconicz
Rarity: legendary
Phrase: Why focus all your efforts on reshaping the Dream World
Description: He is the tyrannical ruler of the Grim Realm and the master of the Grimspawn who wishes to escape Dream World and rule the waking World.The Nightmare King had a belief that instilling fear in others would ensure his lasting memory, and thus he embarked on a mission to corrupt the Dream World. His sinister plan involved terrorizing dreamers and stealing thier imaginations.
Colour: purple ang black.

Name :Megalagone
Rarity: legendary or mythic
Type: wildfly
Cachphrase: Surfs up surfs …GONE?
Description:Born from a glitchy website Megla-gone appeared.With a digital bite and a hunger to surf this online roamer leaves crashing websites in its wake.This shark uses its skills to surf the web with insane speed and a pair of jaws that pack a punch this shark is one of the most dangerous digital creatures.The best surfer on the web!

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So here it is an idea about a turtle, photo by @AlexDTO . Okay… I’m not going to create a full topic about it so here it goes:

Name: Boturtle

Idea: A robot turtle made of metal. It lives in a technological/futuristic city where there are many “flashy and futuristic lights”.

Crush (level): Rare

Type: Cybrrr

Catchphrase: “One, two, three… Attack!”

Description (max 250 characters): Introducing Boturtle! The best known for being the (not slow) but the most robotic! Be careful if you are in the most futuristic city on the internet, if you stumble upon one of them, it will throw stones at you in three seconds, quickly, run away! (It doesn’t have 250 characters)

Design (optional):

More information:

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