Add Abilities to Bro-mon!

copied from ollyisbest

he didnt wdym
where is proof

we shud add this to game right now

Yeah I agree

same but @ollyisbest said so first

Lots of new ideas for the new update @sweezy read it he thought of it first it was first

Thank you guys :smiley:

they’d have to increase bro-mon hp

Ye I guess that’s true.

this will be goated and wayyyyyyyyyy more intesting and will be fun!11

Thank you :slight_smile:

@sweezy will see this in the mean time we will still get updates

@sweezy please check this out!

pls pls

voted :wink:

I agree. Bro-mon battles are not as “exciting” when you can only attack.

Thank you all so much for your support and I really wish this will be added!

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Oh wow!!! We’ve already hit 26 votes! Thank you all!

@sweezy check this out!

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Yayy!! 29 Votes! Keep this going, guys!