Lots of new ideas for the new update @sweezy

In the fantastical world of Bro-Mon, where brave adventurers battle mythical creatures, the addition of a shop would revolutionize the gameplay experience. Here’s why Sweezy should seriously consider implementing this feature:

  1. Armor and Equipment Shop:
  • Imagine a bustling marketplace within the game, where players can spend their hard-earned gold on essential gear. From basic leather armor to the coveted Bromanium plate, the shop would offer a wide range of protective equipment.
  • Each armor type could provide an additional health bar, reinforcing the player’s resilience during battles. The better the armor, the more armor hit points (HP) it grants.
  • Players would strategize, choosing between lightweight leather for agility or heavy iron for durability. And who wouldn’t dream of donning a shimmering Bromanium suit?
  1. Power-Up Emporium:
  • Gold coins collected from defeated Bro-Mon would find purpose in the shop’s power-up section. These one-time-use items could turn the tide of battle:
    • Health Elixir: Instantly restores HP during combat.
    • Speed Boost Potion: Temporarily increases movement speed.
    • Elemental Scrolls: Unleash elemental attacks (fire, ice, lightning) against foes.
    • Invisibility Cloak: Slip past enemies undetected.
    • Teleportation Stone: Escape dangerous situations by instantly moving to a safe location.
  • The shopkeeper, an eccentric gnome with a twirly mustache, would enthusiastically explain each power-up’s benefits.
  1. Bro-Mon Special Abilities:
  • Enhancing the battle screen is crucial. Each Bro-Mon should have a unique special ability that players can activate once per battle. These abilities would add depth and strategy:
  • Players would need to time these abilities wisely, turning the tide in their favor.
  1. Titan Rarity:
  • Introducing Titans would be a game-changer. These colossal Bro-Mon would be insanely powerful, boasting 130 HP and an attack range of 15-25.
  • Titans could guard rare treasures, ancient temples, or secret passages. Defeating one would yield a massive gold reward, making the risk worthwhile.
  1. Battle Screen Shop:
  • During battles, players could access a mini-shop overlay on the screen. It wouldn’t pause the action but would allow quick purchases:
    • Emergency Healing Potion: Instantly heal during combat.
    • Lucky Charm: Boost critical hit chances for the next attack.
    • Smoke Bomb: Disappear briefly, evading enemy strikes.
    • Adrenaline Shot: Temporarily increase attack speed.
  • The shopkeeper would pop up, shouting, “Quick, adventurer! Buy now or regret later!”

In summary, the addition of a shop in Bro-Mon would enhance gameplay, encourage strategic choices, and make the world feel more alive. Sweezy, take heed—your players are ready to spend their hard-earned gold on epic gear and magical elixirs! :shield::dagger::sparkles:

@sweezy do u think is a good idea

About the titan bro-mon… i already posted an idea about bro maxxed mon dens for many ppl to fight giant bro mons with artifacts that allowed them to do so.

no but I meant as a new rarity

i think bromaxxing is a better choice because titan rarity would be too op.

like this kinda Titan thing

terrible I know :slight_smile: did it in in 2 seconds

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what the emoji is off

what the ohio! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (no im not a tablet kid)

Hey :wave:

That’s some cool stuff you’ve got there!

Actually, a few of these ideas overlap with what we’ve been considering, especially about adding a shop with various abilities and introducing in-game currency that players can earn and find.

I really like the idea of Titans too. We’ve heard similar suggestions from other users, and it’s great to see these ideas align—it means we’re on the right track.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s super encouraging to see such enthusiasm!

So just Pokemon :laughing: great ideas though

not rlly tho

hmm Well special abilties is in pokemon power ups are shops are titan rarity isn’t and battle screen shop is although still sick idea’s

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Also i Reccomend you check out my idea post if you would like you can add some of your ideas there its a wiki post so you can edit it.

also it seems I have offended you I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot sorry if I did.

About Me ^^
I’m pretty sure I count as moderator ;-;
Ex-Software Dev at Bethesda studio
Decent artist
Finishing Up Highschool
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“War. War never changes. But Humans do, through the roads they walk.”