Bro Mon Battle Not opening

sometimes after i click on a bromon (mostly on low-end devices) the Battling Menu Does not open


You might encounter this issue on tabs that were opened previously. When you return to such a tab, you could encounter a Monster displaying outdated technical information from the extension.

However, if you’ve already interacted with the extension, for example, by capturing this monster, then the battle may be automatically skipped.

Please check if this describes your situation. If not, please let us know, and we’ll look into it further.

The 1st paragraph is the issue I’ve had the second has never happens before

I was also thinking that maybe you just missed and didn’t hit (click on) the monster, since when it appears on the page it starts to run, with the goal of disappearing beyond its boundaries. To successfully capture it, you need to anticipate its path and click ahead of its current position, aiming slightly ahead in the direction the bro-monster is moving.

In any case, I’ll take note of this and test it as well.

Ah no I am sure I clicked it cause the fighting menu opened and close. Or menu would open but instead of showing the fight it would go black

yeah I’m too

Ah, got it. It seems something on the page interfered with the battle window opening properly. Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We’ll see if we can replicate the error to try and fix it. If this happens again in the future, try sending us a link to the site where the issue occurred. It could help us figure out the cause.

@sweezy What if you made it so that bro mons could jump from tab to tab?

That’s a pretty fun idea! Having Bro-Mons jump from tab to tab could add an interesting layer of interaction and dynamism to the game.

It would make the monsters feel more lively and could provide a unique challenge for players to manage their Bro-Mons across different tabs.

I’ll definitely pass this suggestion along to the development bro for consideration. Thanks for the creative input!