Custom Doodle of the Week: Submit Your Best Google Doodle Replacements

Hey there, Custom Doodle extension users!

We know you’re all a talented and creative bunch, and we’d love to see what you’ve been up to with your custom Google Doodle designs. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, paying tribute to your favorite band, or just creating something silly and fun, we want to see your custom Doodle ideas in all their glory.

So, take a screenshot of your custom doodle and share it here with the Sweezy Community.

Let’s spread some Doodle joy and inspire each other with our imaginative designs!

this is what i have now:


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really cool but how do i do that?

Hi :wave:
You can change Google Doodle by using our Custom Doodle extension for Chrome. Here’s the link:

If you need assistance, just let me know.

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Ha! Your custom doodle is hilarious! :art::clap:

Sonic better watch out because you’re clearly coming for him with all your might! :muscle::man_running: I hope he’s ready for the challenge! :hedgehog::eyes:

Sad I cannot do it I have Edge


it’s my new one :zap::mouse::mag_right:

No worries, my Edge friend! While our special doodle may not be Edge-ready yet, we’ve got Sweezy Cursors for Edge to add that extra spice to your browsing journey. It’s a win-win! And who knows, in the future, we might just cook up a doodle version tailor-made for Edge and its trusty Bing search engine. Keep your hopes high and your cursor even higher!

Thanks for letting me know Sweezy

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