I got all the bro-mon!

HELLO I JUST GOT ALL THE BRO-MON AND THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER GETTING THEM ALL AND IT IS AWESOMEEEE!!! My final bro-mon was brrblaze and i love it!! Nothing beats doug though :goat:.

Hey, well done!

Now you are officially a Bro-Mon Master, you can also ask for @sweezy on this topic you Bro-Mon Master Badge (If you donโ€™t have it yet).

So, now that you ended bro-mon for your first time, did you like this experience? If yes, are you ready for round two? Reinstalling the extension you can revive this awsome experience that this extension bring to us!

Yes, nothing beat Doug

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Catstrophe does.

maybe yes, Catstrophe is my 3rd favourite bro-mon

:cat2::jar:= :goat::goat::goat::goat::goat:

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thanks! And yes i loved this experience and i might give it a second go too!


Iโ€™m currently on my fourth run and just got my first epic for the fourth time, itโ€™s fun