If you were trapped in a room with no food or water for 1 day, what 2 bromons will you bring with you to survive

for me, burger turtle, and sushi serpent since those are food I can eat.

burger and codebug he can give me so much food and water

susi serpant and frost buddy unlimited food


codebug!!! he can hack and more food for me and water


@flame_bot you need one more bromon

doug and burger turtle because doug can fly me back to my house and me and Doug can share burger Turtle :wink:


burger turtle and stegosnank



jelly egg head and tea tusk

NatureNaut can give me unlimited fruits and vegetables, let’s add Frosty Buddy and I cannot only survive 1 day, but a whole month with that! I can also get water from the ice!

WOAH BURGER TURTLE CANNIBALISM???!!!?? thats crazy :skull:

wait frost buddy and burger turtle

sushiserpant and bromon

SushiSerpent and TeaTusk

actually, codebug and teatusk

I would bring tea tusk and candygolem because tea is made out of water and if i bring candyGolem I would eat his candy so that’s why I will bring tea tusk and candyGolem