I'm creating bro-mon images if you don't know how to do


Hey guys!
For those people who have some difficulty drawing or simply want to see their idea in a different style, I’m here to redesign your idea!

IMPORTANT: Don’t ask me to create a description, name and other information for your bro-mon, I need to already have your idea, try to specify your image as much as possible for me.

Ps. If this thread gets out of hand, I will close it.

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can u do robo pika

sure i’ll try


Bro-mon only (10)

thanks can u make a monkey taco luffy

Oh and i change my mind can robo pika be fan fave


i have a quastin


so u see can u make a topic where people post there bro mon ideas for sweezy to see

Even though I’m a leader, I can’t make @sweezy see everything even by creating a thread, I have no connection with them

ok but can u make monket taco luffy

I’m creating it right now, so i need to pay attencion

ok .

Bro-mon only (10)


np :slight_smile: