My journey of bro mon

I just caught the new bro mon
Screenshot 2024-06-01 6.25.34 PM
here it is

just got another one
Screenshot 2024-06-01 6.27.51 PM

just got another
Screenshot 2024-06-01 7.46.30 PM

Nice catches!

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I will catch more tomorrow


Well done! (ViralViper isn’t new)

sorry for not posting I got a bro mon I will post it later

DimenSphere? never seen that before

I caught it a while back its new

guys how do I change profile pick

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go to your profile, in the second pictrue, click on the pictrue upper left corner and choose one of pictrue you have

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got anther covi def
Screenshot 2024-06-03 6.55.43 PM

I caught them at the same time here is another
Screenshot 2024-06-03 6.56.40 PM

just caught three more
Screenshot 2024-06-03 9.11.33 PM
Screenshot 2024-06-03 9.11.57 PM
Screenshot 2024-06-03 9.12.32 PM


It has Sophia Beifong


are you catched me?
and you

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