New Bro-mon Idea: Scribblion! [DONE]

Hello! Welcome to another Bro-mon idea post! I hope this gets added, and don’t forget to vote and comment down below! Here is my Bro-mon’s info:

Name: Scribblion
Element: Wildify
Rarity: Legendary
Catchphrase: “Scribble! Chomp!”
Description: It roars through the scribble jungle, smashing through anything in its way. Don’t mess with it, it’s the ultimate predator of the scribble kingdom!

Thank you for seeing my idea! I hope you like it and please vote for it!

@sweezy can you please add this? Thanks!!

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can i also have credit pls pls pls

Why should you have credit? I thought of it myself.

haha fr

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@sweezy please add this!!

AAA i wan’t this little lion on the game

Thank you <3

YAY @cloud this will get added


Omg yay!!

I’m having 2 Bro-mon added this time! I’m sooo happy!!

yay!!! I have 0!!!

I feel bad for you :sob:

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I can’t wait to see this in game! It’s gonna be so cuuute!

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