New Bro-Mon Monster Idea! (Please vote!)

You can add a Bro - Mon called Andarun because my name is Andarun and it can be like an A and make it blue beacuse my friends use Bro-Mon and I wanna show them my own Bro-Mon! And if you can please make my Bro-Mon a rare? Thanks Sweezy! Also can you email me when you created it? Email:

Hey! First of all, welcome to our community! The bro-mon guide , the everything guide and the Bro-Mon Blog They will be very useful at the beginning!

This idea is amazing! Hope they add it! Its complete and I can see perfectly your idea!
Obs; Try not show your private info on public websites, also if they add your idea, they maybe close the topic and they will add your name in the backcard of it.