Please fix this bug there my bro-mon page has been glitched and know I cant see my bro-mons or use them

@sweezy pls fix this it’s very annoying

Could you please add an image?
I think you are talking about that:
Screenshot 2024-05-27 1.07.15 PM
Image founded on: Bro-mon Render Problem!

This bug continues to be reported by the community, I’m sure @sweezy is trying her best to fix it!

Yeah that’s the glitch I just don’t really know how to take photos of browser extentions

hopefully @sweezy fixes it, it’s really annoying and it also makes bro-mons stop spawning

Take a screenshot


Oh the same problem for everyone… Hope @sweezy fix it :expressionless:

My friend somehow wasn’t effected by it he also caught Doug so I don’t know if he’s a living god or not

I am not affected, that’s weird becuse a lot of people are effected. I’m trying to help every post about it in the top for @sweezy FINALLY fixt it forever.

Do you have a difference like a browser theme or less extentions cause that could be it

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update: we’ve made the necessary fixes, and this update is already in the Chrome Web Store moderation queue. Once the new version is published, your extensions will be updated, and everything should be back to normal. It might take a little bit of time due to browser caching, but hopefully, all the graphics will be displaying correctly in the extension soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug.

I have 5 extensions, they aren’t themes

@sweezy thanks so much hopefully you do it soon no rush

Thanks, @sweezy
we are very grateful :slight_smile:

Same here its not fixed at all for me


Hey! The new version of the extension has been up on the Chrome Store for about 10 hours now. So, for most of you, it should have updated to version 1.7.2 by now.

Please check and let us know if it’s been updated on your end and if the graphics are loading properly now.

To check the version of the extension:

  1. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of your Chrome browser to open the menu.
  2. Navigate to “Extensions” and select “Manage Extensions.”
  3. Activate “Developer mode” in the upper right corner.
  4. Find the “Bro-Mon” extension in the list.
  5. Beneath the extension name, you should see the version number displayed.

If it shows version 1.7.2, then the extension has been successfully updated. If not, you may need to wait a bit longer for the update to take effect automatically.

Once updated, please verify if the graphics are loading correctly. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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@sweezy Thanks so much Bro-mon finally works yay

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I’ve just posted some detailed steps on how to help troubleshoot the image loading issue. Please check out the instructions here:

I need you to follow the steps and send me a screenshot of the DevTools window, showing the error status of the images that didn’t load (any status other than 200). This will help us understand and fix the problem.

Thanks for your cooperation!