Post for Bro-Mon Users with Image Loading Issues 🏞️🚫

Hi Bro-Mon Trainers,

We’ve noticed that some of you are still experiencing issues with images not loading in the extension.

To help us understand and fix this problem, we need your assistance. Please follow these steps and send us a screenshot of the issue:

  1. Open the Extension: If images are not loading in the extension window, right-click on the extension page and select “Inspect.”

  2. Open DevTools: In the pop-up DevTools window, go to the “Network” tab.

  3. Refresh the Page: Press CTRL + R (or Command + R for Mac) to refresh the page.

  4. Check Status: After refreshing, a list of images will load. All successfully loaded images will have a status of 200. We need you to take a screenshot of the DevTools window, specifically showing the status of the images that did not load (any status other than 200).

By providing us with these screenshots, we can better understand why some images are not loading for certain users and work towards fixing the issue.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Here’s a screenshot of the steps to make it easier to follow:

Your help is greatly appreciated!

My images only don’t load when I’m at school, I think it’s blocked.

XD Bro-Lag

I would say to much work but this does help

Screenshot 2024-06-13 12.33.28


Thanks, but could you please take a screenshot of the entire DevTools window and expand the Status row so that the error can be seen in full?

This topic will be very useful for people who still have this problem!

But, one question: What about the various posts about this same bug, I’ve seen that you managed to answer practically all of them, but will they still be there? Counting the same bug that already has a solution? Wouldn’t it be better to close them or something? Sorry but instead of one there were three questions :upside_down_face:

I love the idea to create this :slight_smile:

yeaaaa i dont think thats very good :/.

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Thanks for your questions and feedback!

Right now, we’re investigating the root cause of the issue. We suspect that the problem with loading images mainly affects users on school networks. It seems that network administrators might be blocking access to our images.

As for the other posts about this issue, I haven’t closed them yet. Since we haven’t fully resolved the problem, I think it’s important to keep those posts open for now. We want to gather more information and confirm the exact cause before we make any official announcements.

We appreciate everyone’s help. Any observations or screenshots following the instructions I shared earlier would be very useful in helping us figure this out.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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Thanks a lot for the screenshots showing the error. That’s really helpful!

Could you please let us know if this is happening on a school laptop, connected to the school network? And if you try it at home, do the images load fine on a home internet connection?

Thanks again for your help!

yea i think its the school network bc it works at hme

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Thanks for ur reply

can you check out my topics? New ? rarity suggestion and New Bro-Coin currency + evolving Bro-Mon

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Yes, these are very cool ideas, I like it. We will definitely take them into consideration when we prepare a new improvement for the game.

Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it all.

ty sweezy :D.

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same. for some reason canva lets us catch bro-mon but no other site

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it was fine before but then it suddenly got blocked

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I’ve seen bromons but then disappear after saying their phrase.