New Bro-Coin currency + evolving Bro-Mon

So basically I think there should be a Bro-Mon currency called ‘Bro-Coins’ and you can use them to evolve your Bro-Mon. You should also get Bro-Coins from defeating a certain rarity of Bro-Mon. Here is a list:
Defeated common: 10 Bro-Coins
Defeated uncommon: 20 Bro-coins
Defeated rare: 35 Bro-Coins
Defeated epic: 50 Bro-coins
Defeated legendary: 75 Bro-Coins
Defeated Mythical: 100 Bro-Coins
Defeated ???: 500 Bro-coins. (that is if the ??? rarity gets added. The link to it is at the bottom of this topic if you want to take a look and please vote for it :D.
If you beat a Bro-Mon with the wheel buff, it should be +10 Bro-Coins.
I also think that there should be quests and other things to do to get Bro-Coins.

Evolving Bro-Mons
So basically, I think each Bro-Mo should have 3 different forms. One that they start with, and two that they evolve into.
Here is a list of the cost to evolve them:

Common: normal → evolve=5 coins → evolve to final form 10 coins
Uncommon: normal → evolve=20 coins → evolve to final form 30 coins
Rare: normal → evolve=45 coins → evolve to final form 75 coins
Epic: normal → evolve=100 coins → evolve to final form 150 coins
Legendary: normal → evolve=250 coins → evolve to final form 350 coins
Mythical: normal → evolve=400 coins → evolve to final form 500 coins
???: normal → evolve=750 coins → evolve to final form 1000 coins (again, only if it gets added)

I really hope this idea gets added as I spent a long time thinking about it. If it gets added, it would be nice if when you hovered over the Bro-Coin icon on your screen it would say “suggested by EthanDaZhao”

@sweezy pls think about adding this idea


I think this is a great idea. It should get added

I would love to evolve my little Cloudphant :cloud: :white_heart:
This idea is just FANTASTIC, just love it and please @sweezy add it, Cloudphant and Doug love this and want this on the game!
It’s complete and amazing


If Sophia likes it everyone likes it


I don’t like it, I looove it

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yay tysm


:smiley: i hope it gets added


I tried that before? Why does it work for u?

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because i’m a leader

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oh… aw man :smiley: At least I got to trust level 2!!!

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how much longer… Idk but im sure i’ll get there someday!


@SophiaBeifong how do I get to trust level 2? I have posted twice


wow just so amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg

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ok :+1:


i think it would be really good because you could evolve your commons

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hmm, I’ve seen a lot of posts about this… coding that is, a bit hard :sweat_smile:, I bet I’ll see so many more like this. Not bad, don’t think it will go in game, no offense

i qualify to everything else besides 15 days and ive done 5x it all lol