New ? rarity suggestion

Rarity name: ??? (thats the name of the rarity. If you don’t like it you can change it to Secret instead.)

Power: 15-20
Health: 56

Description: These mysterious but powerful Bro-Mon lurk in the shadows. Beware as once a great prophecy said: “If these creatures join together, the combined might of their power may destroy the very world as we know it…”

@sweezy +other leaders pls consider this as I would love to have one of my ideas added to the game.

PS: If you do consider adding this (which I really hope you will) it would be cool if you put (suggested by @EthanDaZhao) at the bottom of the description.


i like bro mon because you can fight different bromon but sadly we can’t do it at school

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Hey, nice idea we have here!
unfortunately leaders can’t add suggestions to the game, but I believe that this good idea have a high chance to be added!
@sweezy can really think about it and try add it.
Thanks for sharing your idea! Post moved to Game Enhancement Ideas

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tysm :DDD.


this is an absolute masterpiece of literature ethan


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i have designed a new bro mon idea for this rarity
it’s called mysti-script. ive posted about it. please go check it out!:grin::grin::grin:
the post is called bromon idea! super awesome!

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yeah he sould

@discobot start advanced user

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hi can u vote for my warriors bro mon

can u vote for my warriors bro mon

I think this is a great idea. I hope it gets added.

Please stop advertising for your Bro-Mon, it could very well be in the next update, k?

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k sry

best i have heard

Yes, I think the best name for it is Secret. Orrrr Mysterious or God or Higher idk