Shiny bro-mon should exist

So right now yo ucan only get one of each bro-mon. meaning there’s less to do. so I feel like there should be rare shinys:about as rare as a mythical for common up to epic:mythical shiny would have legendary rarity and legendary shinys would be even more rare. you would be able to swap between normal and shiny bro-mon dex. if you decide to do this and need help coming up with some shiny ideas reach out to me on my normal email. Wich I will respond with if you want help. also if I got mythical and legendary mixed up that’s my bad

Not going to lie that would add some spice to the game you could be really happy to get a shiny and they could have something like their own page on the extension or buffed stats


can we get sweezy to see this

we shall see

We really need that.

yeah sweezy need to see this, this will be cool

yes but it might be copying pokemon

Let’s go!! Amazing Idea @sweezy need to see that

okay this a cool idea Sweezy needs to add this

Great Idea

yes gang

this would be good for people who caught all bro-mon

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