Shloopy's idea's!

  1. spawn rate buff.
  2. Weapon’s?
  3. Move set’s
  4. Different dmg and health depending on bro mon instead of rarity
  5. Trading?
  6. Battling other’s
  7. Test battle’s so you can battle your own bro mons for testing
  8. Training (same concept as test battling)
  9. Evolution’s?
  10. Level’s?
  11. Put the forum’s on the extension somewhere so people can join the forum’s
  12. the bromon website should spawn a bro mon for a person first visit thats only obtainable through that.
  13. Role exclusive bro mons? so bro mons that are granted to people who have contributed to bro mon
  14. downloadble app that does the samething but more features
  16. Rank’s for the player
    That’s all folks

those are pretty good ideas and I would agree there should be a leveling system

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Wow, @kaiser , thanks a bunch for these fantastic ideas! :star2: Your creativity is truly impressive, and we’re thrilled to see such enthusiasm for enhancing the Bro-Mon experience.

Here’s some feedback and thoughts on a few of your suggestions:

  1. Spawn rate buff: Definitely a hot topic, and we’ll look into adjusting this to keep the gameplay exciting without being overwhelming.
  2. Weapons: Cool idea! We thought about it, in the future we will try to make additional things that can be used in battles.
  3. Move sets: Diversifying move sets adds depth to battles. We’ll work on expanding move options for Bro-Mons to increase strategic choices.
  4. Different damage and health depending on Bro-Mon instead of rarity: Love this concept! Perhaps in the future we will come to this, for now the decision was made to simplify the calculations of the probability of battles, and of course the passability of the game (catching all the monsters), to simplify the model of characteristics by Crash levels.
  5. Trading: Yep, interesting.
  6. Battling other’s A feature we’ve had on our radar for a while!
  7. Test battle’s: Yep, we thought the same way, I think we’ll do it in the future.
  8. Training: the same as :point_up_2:
  9. Evolutions: Let’s think about this, I kept in mind the leveling of bro-mon depending on his activity in battles and training. But evolution is a classic, but it’s actually more difficult to implement.
  10. Levels: Yes, as I wrote above, I’m on the same wave.
  11. Forums on the extension: We have a button in the extension window, at the bottom there is a “Feedback” button. Perhaps we will rename it to “Community”. We also have a banner inviting you here.
  12. Exclusive Bro-Mons for first website visits: Yes, coolest idea. We thought about it the same way, we’ll do it.
  13. Role-exclusive Bro-Mons: Yes, as soon as we have mechanics that will allow us to issue exclusive bro-mons, we will definitely do this. For participation in events, seasonal monsters, etc.
  14. Downloadable app with more features: This is a good idea, but for the future when the game becomes more popular.
  15. Accounts for saving data across devices: Yes, that’s cool, let’s think about it.
  16. Ranks for players: Cool! When will we have functionality for user accountsю It will be possible to make ranks for Bro-Mon masters, as well as leaderboards, etc.

Once again, thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. We’ll definitely take these into consideration for our upcoming updates. Keep the ideas coming! :rocket: