Two Truths and a lie

:wave:t3: Hey there! Let me explain how to play β€œTwo Truths and a Lie” in these forums!

:point_right:t3: First, you need to come up with three statements about yourself. Two of them should be true and one should be a lie.

:point_right:t3: Then, post these three statements in these forums and challenge other users to guess which statement is the lie.

:point_right:t3: Once someone guesses which statement is the lie, reveal the answer and let them know if they were correct or not.

:point_right:t3: Keep the game going by encouraging others to post their own β€œTwo Truths and a Lie” statements and guessing which one is the lie. It’s a fun way to get to know each other better!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

1 I am not a human 2.the picture is emlo 3. my name in here is chillyiscool

should be EZ

1 its 1

are you sure? :smiling_face_with_tear:




1i have saved some one drowning 2 im a girl 3 ilkies burritious


ok my turn! 1:I have purple eyes 2:I live on a yacht 3: my dog has absolutley 0 brain cells. can u guess?

actualy 2 is a lie

  1. I am a boy 2. I have a pet 3. I have a sibling


Wait guys cyvie is a boy. I read his bio


1 I use my booty hair to floss my teeth
2 I kissed 100 oiled up men
3 My username is not RemRemBoi

1 there is nothing we can do.2 I am in a island. 3 I miss my family.

1 im a girl
2 i have a ps5
3 i like casuoh

1 is da lie

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