Two Truths and a lie

  1. Am a demon slayer fan 2. I used to watch chainsaw man and then hate it (reason it’s too violent) 3. I am the first place artist in my class 4. I hate chainsaw man 5. I have an Ps5



  1. I stuff humans and animals in gnome plushies
  2. I have done that about 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times.
  3. My username is not RemRemBoi

uhhhhhh 3 is da lie

  1. I hate Cloudphants
  2. Dougs are better than Cloudpants
  3. Pasta is my favorite food
  1. I’m a Youtuber with more than 40k subs
  2. Burger turtle my favorite Bro-Mon
  3. My profile pick is Jin-ho from solo leveling

#1. I hate Cloudphants


1- I suggested a bro mon aand it got added
2- I hate BrrBlaze’s desing
3- The fog is coming

  1. I love emoji golem
  2. I eat literal wood sometimes
  3. I’m Scandinavian


1 I am good
2 u r not good
3 we all are good.

2 is a lie

  1. I have more than 3 friends.
  2. I will die
  3. I have a pet

3 is lie


1.gnome is gnome
2.gnome will hunt you down
3. my username is not RemRemBoi

where is the three?

but my guess is the last one