Two Truths and a lie

2 lei



Haha, XD

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  1. I like Food 2. I LOOOOOOOOOVE clouds 3. warsechestesire sauce
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  1. :deaf_person::deaf_person:


  1. i hate slenders. 2. i made a idea called burgorilla. 3. i am not against this month

maybe 1

  1. I had the “Bro-lag” :boom:
  2. I like Wombats :sparkles:
  3. I had one dog and now I have another :dog:

its 3

  1. I grind on video games all day
  2. I’m from Iceland
  3. I play The Beautiful Game

definitely 2.

that’s not cool, hes saying he don’t support pride month.

i must have miss read well anyways people have their choices i support it but he may not and that fine

its just that im a christian and i think that god made us who we are. im totally fine with people who like it tho

  1. i ran away from my dad. 2. my dad didnt try to hack me. 3. my dad was right behind me when i ran away and almost grabbed my shirt then i dodged before he grabbed it.

:sweat_smile: pretty much the same with me, I support a little bit