Urgent request to @sweezy!

Hello, sweezians. @sweezy, mods need help, recently the community has been full of bad posts, so we mods want to crack down and have you ban the ones who make the problems. So I request a feature added that lets the moderators vote, and if the majority or all decide on a decision, we can ban them. It would help while you are gone @sweezy.

@cloud @SophiaBeifong also need to see this

Yes let’s go!
Let’s bann this guy

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I know!

ya right

@sweezy have you seen this yet?

Pls do ppl are so mean to me

Same A_kid keeps typing random things in my topic and I tell him to stop but he keeps doing it.


No random things like this frgf5

because he/she also still posting squidward

ik And i hate it

What new topic should I make

idk how about giving a new bro-mon idea, tutorial or poll topic?

ok but how do u make a poll