What is Happening?! Bro-mon Pictures Not Rendering! @sweezy please fix this!

I just checked into Bro-mon this morning and…

i know, its weird

i logged on this morning and this is what happened

mines fine

me too! i cant get any bro mons either

Same :frowning:

I lost to catastrophe too with this glitch

I see this issue is becoming more common among our users. It seems we need to change how images are delivered.

Thanks for your messages, we will fix this in the coming days. However, in theory, all images should eventually load for you, even before we fix this. Please keep me updated if anything changes.

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I’ve just posted some detailed steps on how to help troubleshoot the image loading issue. Please check out the instructions here:

I need you to follow the steps and send me a screenshot of the DevTools window, showing the error status of the images that didn’t load (any status other than 200). This will help us understand and fix the problem.

Thanks for your cooperation!