:| why! fix this

bro how many times do you have to send this? Sweezy said it will be fixed, he knows your problem.

You’re just making more to read and it’s not worth looking at

bro chill it is fixed

Just saying you should have chilled when it wasn’t because it was getting fixed.

i see dis every day

Its called ur wifi and its dying rn

i have de fastest wifi bruh like literally if i search something it pops up in 1 second shut up

Chattanooga is the city with the faster internet, you live there or something

No, it’s the same with me and all my friends.

bro what

no :::::::::::::::::::;


I’ve just posted some detailed steps on how to help troubleshoot the image loading issue. Please check out the instructions here:

I need you to follow the steps and send me a screenshot of the DevTools window, showing the error status of the images that didn’t load (any status other than 200). This will help us understand and fix the problem.

Thanks for your cooperation!